Roanoke City Schools

It is a well-known condition of contemporary life that most communities balk at new taxes, even for so vital a function as education. Yet, in Roanoke, the City Council conducted several surveys and received an overwhelmingly positive response to enacting a one-cent sales tax for school building construction and renovation. The result has been the construction of a new middle school and the renovation of several existing buildings.

Handley Middle School

At Roanoke City Schools, we are proud of our achievement in state standardized test scores. The Alabama High School Basic Skills Exit Examination is required of all students in order to graduate from high school. Handley High School recently received a first-time takers' pass rate of 94% in reading, and 92% in both language and mathematics, which is unusually high for any Alabama High School. On the state test given to all students completing Algebra I, our students scored the third highest in all of Alabama and, on the writing assessment given to all fifth graders in Alabama, our students' scores were among the highest in all of Alabama.

All students in Alabama from grade three through eleven take the Stanford Achievement Test, Edition 9. This test is normalized nation-wide. In all grades, Roanoke students scored above the national average, with some categories being as high as the 82nd percentile.
Community Involvement

In addition to the recently completed construction of a new middle school and the renovation of the elementary school and high school, the completion of a massive upgrade to our technology infrastructure provides state-of-the-art access to technology in all areas for the purpose of improving classroom instruction.

The Middle School and High School each have two, 30-station labs with an additional computer in every classroom. Knight-Enloe Elementary School has one computer lab with a computer for each teacher. All computers are networked throughout the system, with each classroom having internet access available and each of our students having e-mail capability. The system is also committed to providing educational opportunities for children with special needs regarding physical or mental disabilities.

Knight-Enloe Elementary School students have numerous chances for hands-on learning experience. They observe Native American Week, Old-Fashioned Days, during which they learn about the lives of our country's colonists, and AEA Aerospace Week, when students celebrate Alabama's involvement in the aerospace industry. Second-grade teachers have received training at the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center and at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. The entire faculty and staff observe Dr. Seuss' birthday on March 2 with "Read Across America."

All of this is really not surprising when you consider how closely the community and schools are entwined. There are parent-teacher organizations in all schools, plus band booster and sports team clubs.

Roanoke City Schools includes Knight-Enloe Elementary (K - 3), Handley Middle School (4 - 8), and Handley High School (9 - 12). All are accredited by the State of Alabama and the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. For more info, please phone the Superintendent's Office at 334-863-2628.

Randolph-Roanoke Area
Vocational School

Through a successful cooperative effort, the Roanoke City and the Randolph County School Boards created the Randolph-Roanoke Area Vocational School for high school juniors and seniors to learn valuable job-related skills.

After receiving basic academic instruction for part of the day, students from all county and city high schools are transported here for specialized learning. The results have proved this concept to be extremely successful. Counselors and placement coordinators work hand-in-hand with industries so that the job placement rate of students in their fields of study is consistently in the 90th percentile. Programs offered include: business education, which incorporates math, computers and business law; home and interior design; commercial sewing (a program which is periodically updated with state-of-the-art machines to match the needs of the area's large textile industry); cosmetology; auto technology; building trades; health care science and technology; electronics; and forestry (one of only six programs in the state).

Students join youth organizations and enter competitions, consistently ranking among the nation's finest students in their respective organizations. For more info, please call 256-357-2839.

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