Newcomer's Guide

Whether you are just visiting, moving to our area, or are planning a business investment in Roanoke, we are delighted you are here. The information provided below is intended to help you settle in and to quickly become a part of our community.

Welcome to
Our City!

Welcome to Our City!
Mayor Betty Ziglar

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Automobile Tags

Out of state newcomers must purchase an Alabama license tag within 30 days. Tags are purchased each year according to the beginning letter of the owner's last name. For more information concerning license tags, taxes, etc., contact the Randolph County Revenue Commissioner's Office (256-357-4343), located in the Randolph County Courthouse, Wedowee.

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Roanoke offers its' citizens the opportunity to pay tickets and fines on-line!
Click here for more information on paying tickets and fines on-line.

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Driver's License

Drivers must apply for an Alabama license within 30 days of moving into Alabama. The Drivers License Office is located in the Randolph County Courthouse, Wedowee. For more information, contact the Randolph County Probate Judge's Office (256-357-4933), located in the Randolph County Courthouse, Wedowee.

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Telephone Service

Roanoke and Rock Mills are served by Roanoke Telephone Company,           950 Main, Roanoke.   (334-863-2111)

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Electric Service

Electric power service is provided by Alabama Power Company,                       325 Main, Roanoke.  (334-863-4156)

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Water, Gas, Sewer & Sanitation

The Utilities Board of the City of Roanoke, 1169 U.S. Hwy 431, Roanoke.     (334-863-4055)

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Media Connections

The Randolph Leader Newspaper, 524 Main St, Roanoke.  (334-863-2819)

Randolph County Review   (1-800-478-8382)

WELR-Eagle 102.3 FM and 1360 AM Radio, 6855 U S Hwy 431, Roanoke.             (334-863-4139)

CommuniComm Services (Cable TV), 3868 U S Hwy 431, Roanoke.                     (334-863-8112)

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Randolph County Hospital, 59928 Al Hwy 22, Roanoke.  (334-863-4111)

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Roanoke City Schools, Superintendent's Office, 207 West Point, Roanoke. (334-863-2628)

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Annie L. Awbrey Library, 736 College, Roanoke.   (334-863-2632)

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Emergency Medical Transport, 60001 Al Hwy 22, Roanoke.     (334-863-7911 or 1-800-223-5006)

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Dial 911

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Randolph County Emergency Management Agency

Emergency Notification:
Don Strength, Director
P.O. Box 1270 Roanoke, AL 36274
Office (334-863-7333), Fax (334-863-2137), Home (334-863-6746)


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